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Data Center Modernization

Migrate and modernize your data center to remain adaptable and competitive to ensure you always have the technology and the capacity necessary to meet every challenge. We provide a holistic business plan that is cost-effective and includes our optimal performance promise that it will bring about significant business transformation. Some other services in this solution include Data Estate modernization, App modernization, and Infrastructure modernization.

Migration of below databases to DB platforms on Microsoft Azure (SQL Server DB, Azure database for PostgreSQL/Azure Database for MySQL etc.)
§  Sybase
§  DB2
§  MySQL
§  Mongo DB
§  Oracle


o    Application containerization
o    Kubernetes
o    Azure app services
o    Lift and Shift of application VM to Azure IaaS

Migrate DW to Azure Synapse


o    Microsoft Azure IaaS Virtual Machines
o    Microsoft Azure Storage
o    Microsoft Azure Networking
o    Microsoft Azure VPN
o    Affinity Groups and Availability Groups
o    Microsoft Azure PowerShell
o    Azure Cloud Services (Database/Application/infrastructure)
o    Training on Azure (Database/Application/infrastructure)
o    Application Monitoring
o    System-wide Visibility
o    Resource Optimization
o    Unified Operational Health
o    Cost Run-rate Optimization

AI & Advanced Analytics

Get more from your data with our advanced analytics and modern BI solutions. We believe in a data-driven approach that allows the customer to make intelligent, focused application of big data and machine learning. Some other services in this solution include AI and ML, Modern BI, IoT, and Big Data.

o    Azure Artificial Intelligence

o    Azure Machine Learning
o    Azure IOT
o    Azure synapse
o    Azure Analysis Services
o    Azure Data Factory
o    Azure Data Lake
o    Azure Databricks
o    Power BI
o    System-wide Visibility
o    Resource Optimization
o    Unified Operational Health
o    Cost Run-rate Optimization

Business solutions

Understanding that one standardized solution is not adequate for every business, SE offers tailor-made solutions specific to your industry and needs.  This allows your business to achieve your greatest performance potential and maximize your consumer reach.  Since SE is continually evaluating industry trends, we are able to analyze your current data in the proper context to better understand how your business can most effectively use it to your advantage.

Business Intelligence in healthcare industry is getting lot of momentum. Our business solution helps to get insights on patients related information and get better visibility into financial operations.

Business intelligence in banking helps organizations to measure big data on their customers which in turn facilitates in increasing customer satisfaction. Our business solution enables financial organizations to analyze vast amounts of customer data to gain insights about customer needs and sentiments regarding banking that can be used to improve products and services

Our business solution facilitates and provides insights into sales, profit and loss, raw materials usage, and can generally help optimize resources to improve your ROI. Knowing the cost-benefits helps to manage production costs, monitor processes, and enables to better manage the value chain.

Telco enterprises generate huge amounts of data from mobile phone usage, call detail records, network equipment, billing information, server logs and the growing connectivity of the subscribers and users. Our business solutions help analyzing this data and provides telcos with a competitive advantage. Social media analytics is the ability to gather and find meaning in data gathered from social channels to support business decisions — and measure the performance of actions based on those decisions through social media

Our business solutions facilitate supply chain manager and other teams and individuals engaged in aspects of the supply chain the ability to create reports and personalized dashboards and alerts to establish objective goals and KPI for Supply Chain Management and monitor shipment systems and other enterprise

In the Public & Government sector, we understand that BI projects are very large in scope compared to most private company projects. Our business solution helps develop large, complex dashboards using Pyramid Analytics and Reporting Services to meet the specific needs of our customers

Our business solution helps analyzing historical data to find patterns in customer purchasing behavior. Plan, monitor, and assess the success of promotional activities and get insight into how the customers react to marketing incentives, seasonal promotions, and competition.

Transport Intelligence is the next generation innovative services. Our business solution helps to get insights on reliability, transparency, efficiency etc.

In education, BI tools are used from everything from admissions to optimizing classroom scheduling to even improving student success. Our business solution helps educational organizations get insights through analyzing trends, universities, and colleges can implement programs to increase student retention, graduation rates, and career placement

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Analyse to

Confirm to Implement

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Innovate to

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